Active adventures galapagos

active adventures galapagos

Enjoy fully guided, all inclusive tours of the amazing Galapagos Islands and mainland Ecuador with Active Adventures South America.
The 'Tortuga' is an active adventure trip around the Galapagos Islands, not a tour of the fanciest hotels! We stay in clean, comfortable and interesting accommodation and, unlike many other operators, we prefer to stay on the mainland rather than on live-aboard boats. active adventures galapagos

If it's your first time, no active adventures galapagos — click expert guides have got you covered.

Legendary Kiwi Hospitality Above all, we aim to be amazing hosts.

Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands Adventure Tours | Active Adventures

Do I active adventures galapagos power adapters? Most days, he was with us at least twelve hours a day, biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, boating, snorkeling, eating, and teaching us about active adventures galapagos we did or saw or ate.

Whether you're raring to jump on a plane or just beginning to consider some ideas, then get in touch and we'll active adventures galapagos you on your way.

active adventures galapagos

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