Adventure of the seas kids club

adventure of the seas kids club

Kids will have a blast at our complimentary, award-winning Adventure Ocean® Youth Program. We break kids and teens out into age groups so that they can enjoy specialized programs made to expand their imaginations in interactive, multi-room spaces designed just for them. It’s an awesomely fun, totally edu-taining adventure.
Children/Kids facilities onboard the Adventure Of The Seas. Includes kids clubs, teen lounges, arcades, kids pools, babysitting services, night nurseries and more. adventure of the seas kids club

I think the key is to make sure your child is aware that they need to be able to go by themselves to the bathroom without anyone helping. Activities include story time, coloring, face painting, pirate night and central-theme based activities.

adventure of the seas kids club

BOX 155961 Fort Worth, TX 76155-9998. Note that some of the more specialized activities -- rock climbing, rollerblading and ice skating -- are offered only at specified times so check your daily compass for available hours.

adventure of the seas kids club

Children must be at least one year old.

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