Adventure ots

adventure ots

Most trips now have about 50% returning OTS adventurers, and 50% on their first trip. This makes for a lovely vibe. Our OTS Meetup sites, along with word of mouth are how people find us, so no you won't find us on a travel agents shelf, and you can not join via a 3rd party.
There’s something for every kind of seeker onboard Adventure of the Seas. Even the smallest kids will have buckets of fun at Splashaway Bay℠ aqua park. This ship is packed with activities and fan favorite things to do.

And you don't have to worry adventure ots much about Quebecois in Quebec City - it's Montreal where I found adventure ots most rabid Francophone attitudes.

adventure ots

As our introduction says: "Travel adventures for the almost independent traveller" Each year OTS runs 6-7 different trips. Adventure has switched over to the new system where SeaPass cards are found outside your cabin.

adventure ots

Hard to do it justice in a photograph, the fall color coming into the trees was adventure ots pleasant adventure ots obvious even from adventure ots distance. At this point they were just getting the bags to the right floor for delivery by cabin attendants later so I grabbed my bag and rolled adventure ots to my cabin.

That also propels adventure ots to the point I'll get a glass block on my next cruise, the Symphony transatlantic. Since I was just dropping bags and not parking I adventure ots directed to follow the taxis.

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