Amber cove adventures

amber cove adventures

Most importantly was the personal service we received from Fransico and Milton. Jordan and Felix are also worth mentioning, but I'm unsure of their affiliation with Amber Cove Adventures. To say the customer service was above and beyond is a understatement.
The Things to Do in Amber Cove and Puerto Plata would not be complete without a visit to the Victorian Era Historic District and to a beautiful beach. From the Amber Cove Cruise Center, you will be whisked away in air-conditioned comfort for a drive through the bustling city of Puerto Plata.

Best excursion EVER!!! - Review of Amber Cove Adventures, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - TripAdvisor

Then get ready for adrenaline while you glide over the zip line park. The bus was full except for the lady that would not let anyone sit by her including her husband we had to sit in the back and the.

When your cruise ship docks amber cove adventures Amber Cove, use the time ashore in the Dominican Republic to experience the rain forest and see more diverse ecosystem.

amber cove adventures

Please do visit us again! Enjoy your Amber Cove Puerto Plata Waterfall Hike and Swim Excursion day in tropical splendor as you enjoy a nature walk through the rainforest and swim amber cove adventures a pristine waterfall collection while listening to the sounds click here amber cove adventures cascades!

amber cove adventures

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