Halong bay adventure cruise

halong bay adventure cruise

Halong Bay Adventure Discover the striking beauty of World Heritage-listed Halong Bay on this Halong Bay small group adventure tour from Hanoi. Drive through the rural villages of northern Vietnam, board a private Chinese junk and set sail through turquoise waters dotted with over 2,000 magnificent limestone islands.
The benefit of a cruise is that you can enjoy a luxurious jaunt through the bay while having immediate access to delicious food and many Halong Bay activities both on and off board the ship. Combining a seaplane connection from Hanoi to Halong Bay with a cruise package deal is one of the very best ways to enjoy all aspects of your trip. Nothing is better than flying through the sky in an elegant seaplane en route to a charming cruise sailing upon the sea. halong bay adventure cruise

There was chicken, halong bay adventure cruise, seafood and tofu dishes, alongside Vietnamese salads and traditional North-Vietnamese sauces.

The best of all are the cabins.

halong bay adventure cruise

Pure luxury with huge panoramic windows that let you enjoy the scenery even while taking a bath! This means clothing that covers your shoulders and knees.

halong bay adventure cruise

From an early age, there was only one thing Slavi wanted - to go everywhere and see everything.

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