Opentext ocr sap

opentext ocr sap

OpenText Suite for SAP Solutions to support Digital Transformation across your organization. According to an IDC study, the amount of information we generate is growing at an annual rate of 60% and increasing.
Jul 10, 2019 · OpenText™ Core Capture for SAP® solutions takes an advanced approach to optical character recognition (OCR). The software recognizes the type of incoming document and intelligently captures the full information in the right business context to pass it to the correct process, allowing a maximum level of automation. opentext ocr sap

Each product is ready to plug in to your business architecture and business processes to support your SAP deployment or business needs. While capture opentext ocr sap a step opentext ocr sap the digital enterprise, it is not the leading application and has to be as efficient opentext ocr sap as simple as possible.

The new framework describes how companies in the digital economy can transform themselves into a digital enterprise.

opentext ocr sap

However, capturing information is only one side of the coin. The Digital Core will enable companies to digitize the end-to-end business processes, interconnect the entire value chain to drive business outcomes in real time, and lead by opentext ocr sap business models, business processes, and work.

Learn more about Resource Center Opentext ocr sap Pinnacle Awards 2019 Winner For opentext ocr sap 12th consecutive year, OpenText is proud to be recognized by SAP® with the Pinnacle award for Solution Extension Partner 2019.

opentext ocr sap

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