Rwanda gorilla adventure

rwanda gorilla adventure

Nov 14, 2019 · Gorilla Adventure Tours is an established travel company registered in Rwanda Development Board with 10 years of experience specializing in tailor made safaris, Car Rental / Hire Services, Private safaris, wildlife safari in Rwanda, Uganda and some parts of Congo.
Enjoy relaxing and winding activities after your gorilla trek in Rwanda’s Lake Kivu, the Congo Nile trail and many more cultural site. After the exciting but perhaps also tiring Rwanda gorilla trekking safari, Lake Kivu provides the ideal place for the perfect adventure. For sunbathing, swimming and water-sports, Gisenyi is the place to be.

Gorilla trekking just like in Uganda is an all year through activity, however there are click seasons; high and low season.

rwanda gorilla adventure

Laundry services are available at most accommodations. We provide luxury, moderate gorilla trekking tours and other in Uganda.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

The park is famous for Https:// Climbing Lions, Hot air baloon safaris, Birding, Explosion craters, Nature walks, Kazinga channel boat cruise, rwanda gorilla adventure Located in the North-East, this rwanda gorilla here one of Best Rwanda gorilla adventure resort in the world.

We ensure we meet your idea of a memorable African adventure.

rwanda gorilla adventure

Trekking can be tiresome and sometimes it can take the whole day, therefore being physically fit comes in handy. Located in Kigali, the historical rwanda gorilla adventure offers exceptional comfort to all its clients.

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