Ss mary anne galapagos

ss mary anne galapagos

Mary Anne Galapagos Cruises. The 16-passenger S/S Mary Anne is a spacious and truly romantic sailing ship that cruises the Galapagos Islands majestically. If you are seeking an exquisite sailing experience in the Galapagos, the Mary Anne is the ship for you.
With almost 1,000 square meter of canvas, our MARY ANNE is the best option for sail-ship lovers. Launched in 1997, this Barquentine is the most befitting way to visit these Islands in "Darwin's footsteps!" A very important plus, the MARY ANNE was specially designed with sound, environmental-friendly cruising in mind. ss mary anne galapagos

I wear ear plugs AND I had my noise canceling headset on. After this visit head to the Baltra airport for your flight back to the mainland.

Ss mary anne galapagos will not hesitate to recommend you ss mary anne galapagos. I was put in one ss mary anne galapagos single cabins, which are VERY small, while other single persons were given much larger cabins.

ss mary anne galapagos

After a delicious breakfast, a panga will take you where red footed boobies perch on prickly pear cacti, Ss mary anne galapagos boobies nest and green sea turtles glide alongside.

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