Best nursing agency to work for

best nursing agency to work for

Host Healthcare was founded in 2012. They have quickly gained recognition as one of the best travel nursing companies to work for. For example, they were listed as one of the best travel nursing companies of 2017 on Travel Nursing Central. Additionally, they’ve made it on Highway Hypodermics’ list for the last two years.
Apr 19, 2016 · What to Look for in Travel Nursing Agencies. When looking into travel nurse agencies you should first make sure that they provide the basics: free housing or a housing stipend, health and dental insurance, a retirement plan, travel reimbursement, 24-hour customer support, and a variety and abundance of travel nursing jobs all over the country.

Top Travel Nurse Agency 2018 Survey Results - The Gypsy Nurse

Travel Nursing Central uses a 100 point scale. Best nursing agency to work for way this works is that one of you opts to take company provided housing with the underst and ing that you will require a two bedroom apartment.

best nursing agency to work for

On best nursing agency to work for of my Hawaii trips, housing was tight and I had to stay in a one bedroom apartment for about a month before moving to a condo.

In addition to converting the scores to a 100-point scale, we also needed to tally the total score for each company on each platform. When possible, try to compare apples to apples on the same location, or better yet, same facility.

best nursing agency to work for

Tailored Healthcare Staffing moved up on our list from 15 last year to 11 this year. Their average score was 17 on Highway Hypodermics last year.

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