Bsm shipping agency

bsm shipping agency

BLUE SEA MARINE SHIPPING AGENCY (abbreviated as BSMS) grown rapidly since its inception, we have kept pace with our customers, working together to provide solutions to customers reasonable shipping, saving, fast and safe.
BSM Crew Service Centre Manila was established in 2003, following the merge between Philippine Hanse Ship Agency (incorporated in 1979) and Hammonia Marine Services (incorporated in 1981). The Crew Service Centre provides international customers with recruitment and supply of competent, experienced and well-trained seafarers.

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In addition, we provide SuperCargo bsm shipping agency to shipowners and operators who need vessels turned around promptly and efficiently. पृष्ठाचा उद्देश आणखी चांगल्या प्रकारे जाणून घेण्यात मदत करण्यासाठी Facebook माहिती दाखवत आहे.

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bsm shipping agency

Our agency presentation, experienced and qualified management and operations staff are trained to have a proactive and forward thinking approach.

Our LCC team shares its views on the role of in creating business and shaping our future.

bsm shipping agency

Our business manages heavy load out and bulk bsm shipping agency, warehousing and packing, quayside and waste operations utilizing the locally available infrastructure and third bsm shipping agency providers where necessary. Maritime Agency BSM Shipping provides maritime agency services through its 37 owned offices on 3 continents.

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