Offshore manning agency

offshore manning agency

Oceanwide is an international provider of diversified Manpower Services with focus on the Maritime and Offshore / Energy industries. Concentrating on the core business, and deploying knowledge and manpower at the right moment are long time values in the these sectors.
Arctic Offshore provides well trained and competent seafarers. As a manning agency, the company gaurantees to provide full crewing services to the Principals. offshore manning agency

Arranging flights, accommodation and transportation 6. We know the challenge of dealing with offshore manning agency parties and we have the knowledge and proven track record to assist you.

Offshore manning agency visit our website at to apply for this job. For any queries, please email us at Translation. offshore manning agency

offshore manning agency

We are a reputable company continue reading Bulgaria, duly established and licensed by Bulgarian Authorities and have been successfully engaged in crewing offshore manning agency on the international offshore manning agency.

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