Metro mass transit head office accra

metro mass transit head office accra

To provide reliable, safe and efficient mass transport services by road in the sub region. Vision. To be a world class mass transport company in the sub region..
Metro Mass Transit Ltd. By law MMT is a private company but in practice MMT aims to meet the public interest. MMT can moreover be labeled as a private – public initiative that aims to operate an effective and affordable transport system in an economical sustainable way..

Ministry of Transport - Ghana - metro mass transit limited

The company was set us to provide reliable and affordable means of transport for commuters within villages, towns, and cities as well as provide intercity movement. A reconstituted metro mass transit head office accra board for the April 2020 cruise carnival 19 Mass Transit Limited MMT has been inaugurated with the task to come out with innovative measures and best practices to renew the fleet of the company to provide the needed services to the public.

metro mass transit head office accra

Best Travel Website Providing Reviews For Bus Services And Airways Transit. Get Digital Versions of Graphic Publications by downloading Also available in the Google Play Store and Apple Https:// mass transit head office accra Store The Minister of Transport, Mr Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, who inaugurated the board in Accra last Thursday, further charged the board to refrain from interfering with the day-to-day running of the company but rather channel their energies in finding practical ways of ensuring an efficient transport service for the company.

The service is meant to open up villages and districts for socio-economic activities.

metro mass transit head office accra

President Kufuor directed the re-introduction of public mass transport in the metropolitan and municipal areas to ensure the safe, metro mass transit head office accra, efficient and reliable transport of commuters.

The Yaxing buses were manufactured in China and supported by the Ghana Government.

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