How to get timiza loan

how to get timiza loan

Aug 08, 2019 · How to repay Timiza Loan Go to Mpesa Menu. Choose "Lipa na Mpesa." Select Pay Bill. Enter 300067 as the PayBill number. Key in Account Number (Phone Number used to open Timiza account). Enter Amount. Enter Mpesa Pin. Press Okay to authorise the transaction.
Below is a detailed procedure on how to apply for Timiza loan. In 2018, Barclays Bank of Kenya officially launched their mobile loan application called Timiza. The app allows one to save and borrow money, repay loans, pay bills, purchase insurance, hail a cab and also check forex rates. how to get timiza loan

Timiza Loan app Source: biznakenya. The loan is payable in 30 days. What is Timiza, and how does it work?

how to get timiza loan

Moreover, the bank hosts over 210 Automatic Teller Machines ATMs where Barclays Bank of Kenya customers can deposit funds at their own convenience. Continue reading to be knowledgeable about the next loan you shall take.

how to get timiza loan

The deposit how to get timiza loan withdrawal limits under M-Pesa will affect the transactions between your Barclays Timiza Account and your M-Pesa account.

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