Halong bay cat ba tour

halong bay cat ba tour

“ The overnight stay on the boat and tour of Halong Bay and other sights was the second & third day of our tour with Halong Tours Booking. “ The tours were fun, quite physical though with list of stair climbing.
The tour to Halong Bay was in rainy weather but that did not hamper our enjoyment. The boat was comfortable and the catering generous. Our excursions to Monkey Island, Pearl Farm and Cat Ba Island were most enjoyable. A fascinating three days. halong bay cat ba tour

Tony, our knowledgeable and helpful tour guide, even let us try their unique snake wine and Atiso flower wine. However, yes, I agree that the other ones are great and less crowded.

halong bay cat ba tour

Among of them, CAT BA EXPRESS catbaexpress. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Untouristy Ha Long Bay Tour from Cat Ba The more I researched, the more hesitant I became and I decided to look into less touristy alternatives.

halong bay cat ba tour

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