Similar words english and spanish

similar words english and spanish

Sure, it is a hard thing to get used to, but other than that most of the word order in a sentence in Spanish stays the same as in English. When compared to most other languages, the syntax of Spanish and English are very similar. And to make it even better, the syntax is a lot less strict in Spanish.
Because Spanish is a Romance language (which means it evolved from Latin), many of its words are either inherited from Latin or derive from Latin words. Although English is a Germanic language, it, too, incorporates thousands of Latinate words that are related to words in Spanish.

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Words that end in —ble are usually the same in English English Spanish Audi ble Audi ble Ca ble Ca ble Terri ble Terri ble Destructi ble Destructi ble Horri ble Horri ble 10. You now know the six most important similarities similar words english and spanish Spanish and English to give you a head start on your learning.

similar words english and spanish

Can you think of any others? En términos matemáticos, estas dos figuras geométricas son semejantes pero no idénticas, ya que tienen distinto tamaño.

similar words english and spanish

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