Spanish body parts word search

spanish body parts word search

Description. 7 Spanish Word Search activities with vocabulary associated with different parts of the human body. One of these activities is about the Five Senses with corresponding parts of the body and verbs.
Word Search: Body Parts The following WordSearch game contains Spanish words related to Body Parts . It is our belief that games like this allow you to have fun while assisting with vocabulary retention.

Learn about body parts in Spanish while playing Wake Up The Box.

spanish body parts word search

Who said that learning has to be boring? Next to the english version is a blank space to fill in with the matching spanish word.

spanish body parts word search

PDF Size: 913K INFORMACIÓN EN ESPAÑOL Una sopa de letras con las siguientes palabras: boca, brazo, cabeza, corazón, cuello, dedo, espalda, hombro, article source, nariz, ojo, oreja, pecho, pie, pierna, sangre.

It is easier than the other versions as well.

spanish body parts word search

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