Spanish to english curse words

spanish to english curse words

Swear Words and Extreme Insults (English to Spanish) Learn to Say Swear Words in Spanish and Extreme Spanish Insults (Contains Serious Profanity - Must be Legal Age) This web page is filled with extreme English to Spanish insults and swear words. If you aren't of the proper age for your area, please visit our PG-13 insults page instead.
Ok, I'm spanish, some warnings: the use of these words is very tricky and they also change according to the region (hostia being popular in Barcelona and absolutely disgusting in other parts, converserly with mierda (shit), in general, the curse words form part of the culture so foreigners are not expected to use them and if they do so, usually. spanish to english curse words

A fantastic way to insult someone, but definitely not fantastic. Spanish insults really spanish to english curse words to go directly for your mom, huh. Which of these Spanish swear words were your favorite? Unsure what to learn next?

spanish to english curse words

Get our free email course, Shortcut to Conversational. Hijo de perra: Son of a bitch.

spanish to english curse words

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