Spanish word for plumber

spanish word for plumber

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Plumber plumber´s snake plumber's crack plumber/pipefitter rockin' the plumber. tempered with a plumber turned out for a plumber He is not a plumber a lawyer - English Only forum How long have you been waiting for the plumber? - English Only forum paid the plumber / paid to plumber - English Only forum Plumber's Nightmare - English.

plumber - English-Spanish Dictionary -

I welcome the proverbial Polish plumber and that spanish word for plumber new countries are driving the economic reformist agenda.

El oso se paró justo en medio de spanish word for plumber carretera, y yo me paralicé.

spanish word for plumber

PE, CL gasfitero, gasfitera nm, nf spanish word for plumber masculino, nombre femenino: Sustantivo que varía en género.

Es el proverbial fontanero polaco, que hace un trabajo bueno y spanish word for plumber, el blanco de los reproches por el fracaso de estos diversos planteamientos. The plumber came to fix the broken pump.

spanish word for plumber

Se usa el artículo masculino el, un o femenino la, una según el caso.

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